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3d Carpet design-193280

3d Carpet design-193280 Home Accessories theme design by 7dbank.

Firstly, High-quality 3d models of a sofa and residential Furniture is an Accessories 3D Models inspired by common modern designs.

The 3D model was made in 3ds max you can download and edit or modified in programs like 3Ds Max.


1-Lighting and Render setup is not included in the file zip.
2-The Corona plugin is required.
3-High-quality models. Detailed enough for close-up renders.

Download ZIP file contains:
1 -Image texture assets folder
2-In the archive, you can find files in the format *.max 2015.

ThirdlyIf you have any suggestions for useful content, please reach out to us.

Our 3D Model Usage & Benefits:

For instance, 3D Modelers use these instant downloads of 3D models to save time on creating items from scratch.

Saving time means you make more money per hour.

Residential Construction: Contractors and homeowners use 3D Designs to show final construction plans before they build it.

3D Modelers create the visual aids in 3D Design scenes so having a library of scene-ready 3D models saves time while making you money!

Product Development:

Product creators and developers use 3D Model Designs to show final product prototypes before they have created them.

3D Modelers create the visual aids in 3D Design Mockups so having a library of scene-ready 3D models saves time while making you money!

Marketing, Graphic Design :

Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Graphics, & TV and broadcasting:

Marketers and advertisers require 3D Models in pngs and jpegs to showcase their strategies in ad campaigns.

3D Modelers are tasked with providing the 3D Model file formats.

In conclusionFor more (2d MODEL 3d MODEL) models, check out our full 3D Model Shop here.

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Product Information

Released : 28 September, 2022
Last Update : 8 October, 2022
Size : 7 MB
Category : 3D Furniture, Accessories
Render : CORONA
Material : CORONA
Files Included : 3D Max, JPG
Style : Modern, Classic, New Classic
Software Version : 2015